Outsourcing atau in-house development. Masing-masing punya plus minus. Perusahaan Wal-Mart lebih suka tidak oursource, sementara beberapa perusahaan lain melakukannya. Namun kita perlu tahu bagaimana pengeloaan procurement dilakukan.

Enam (6) proses utama dari project procurement management:
  1. Planning purchases and acquisition
  2. Planning contracting
  3. Requesting seller responses
  4. Selecting sellers
  5. Administering the contract
  6. Closing the contract
Tool dan teknik untuk Planning Purchases and Acquisitions:
  • Make-or-Buy Analysis
  • Expert Judgment
  • Types of Contracts
  • Fixed-price or lump-sum contracts
  • Cost-reimbursable contracts
  • Cost plus incentive fee (CPIF)
  • Cost plus fixed fee (CPFF)
  • Cost plus percentage of costs (CPPC)
  • Time and Material contracts



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